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BTM ATM rates

Usually, to buy bitcoins is a long and risky procedure. There are several ways: use exchange or special web service where sellers and buyers meet. Exchange rates are often lower than official ones and a seller could be a scammer. Well, of course, you can buy a miner and get bitcoins for solving complicated mathematical puzzles. However, it is too long. We can offer you fast, safe and easy way to purchase cryptocurrency.
BTM bitcoin allows selling and buying bitcoins and other digital currency for cash. It is really easy and fast. However, first, you need to find a proper machine. There are two types of BTMs. One allows transaction only in one direction: buy or sell. The other one gives an opportunity to do both: purchase and sell.
Use mobile apps that can be found in the App Store (for iPhones) or Google Play Store (for Android) to locate a proper ATM. You’ll see all machines on a map. Apply filters to find BTMs that you actually need. Learn more information about machine just clicking it. Before converting BTM bitcoin for cash read other customers’ reviews and comments. Generally, the process is very easy and doesn’t take much time.

  1. Identify yourself (use your phone number or e-mail). Some machines allow skipping this step.
  2. Then you should choose the transaction direction: sell or buy (if you use two-way BTM).
  3. Or select an amount of bitcoins that you want to purchase.
  4. Now you need to enter bitcoin wallet ID.
  5. Insert money into a machine. For BTM bitcoin USD is preferable.
  6. Confirm the transaction.

Cryptocurrency will be credited to your wallet in five minutes. Sometimes it takes a little more time. The amount may differ because BTC bitcoin price can change any moment. If you sell bitcoins for cash, use a guide above and follow onscreen instructions. Take into account that you’ll also have to pay a fee for the transaction. Average sell fee is 5,5%, while average buy fee is 8,6%